Best Study Desks for Kids in Singapore - Do I need to consider Ergonomic Furniture for my Children?


We know how important it is for you parents to decide to invest in a good study table for your children! It is excellent to invest in the study desk when your kids are growing.

Innoplan is one of Singapore leading furniture manufacturing companies in design, manufacturing and marketing of office furniture. Innoplan® believes in transforming creative ideas into works of innovation, aesthetic furniture for the home and office as well as ergonomic children furniture that creates a dynamic working environment for customers.

The bedroom of the child should show youthful energy, charm, and innocence as they proceed to grown into their teenage years and then to become young fine adults.

When planning your children furniture purchase, addition to the fantasy-infused inflection walls and a fanciful bed, a study desk should be at the top priority.

You will definitely need to consider these following requirements: the size of the room so that you can finalize the desk size and particular storage solutions that fit according to the needs of your child. Here are some essentials to look out in the study desks for kids to make the time of study enjoyable.

  • SIZE: In case of a small room where you need to save floor space, a study desk of elongated or rectangular shape is suitable. You can utilize the dead space of the corner, or simply place it against the wall.

    For the large rooms, there is more space, and you may be spoilt for choice or can also consider getting an L-shaped desk

  • HEIGHT: It is essential to look at the height of the desk. An elevation of a study desk should be between 26 – 30 inches for having a relaxed seating position.

    A great way to test this is getting your child to check the seat and look if the height of the desk is comfortable. One of the most important factor is choosing an Adjustable Height Table or Study Table for your child that will grow as your child grows!!

STORAGE SOLUTIONS: There should be different storage options to place the books and stationary of the child for a study corner. You should choose open compartments to display knick-knacks, crafts, and books. Place the new pencils and notebooks in the deep drawers. Confirm that there is sufficient space below the desk for your kid to sit comfortably without knocking his knees.

Conclusively, choose the pieces that will last long through all the mess in the room of your child.